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Biomedix Vascular Testing for circulatory evaluation and detection of arterial and venous disorders:

  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) affects more than 10 million Americans and occurs when blood flow to the arteries of the legs is blocked and significantly increases one's risk for heart attack,stroke,amputation and death,If they are present,the typical signs and symptoms of the disease include:
  1. Claudication :  fatigue,heaviness,tiredness,cramping in the leg or foot muscles that occur during activity such as walking or climbing stairs. The pain or discomfort goes away once the activity is stopped and during rest.            
  2. Rest pain:  pain in the legs and feet that disturbs sleep.
  3. Sores or wounds on toes,feet,or legs that heal slowly,poorly,or not at all.
  4. Color changes in the skin of the feet including paleness or blueness or purplish color.
  5. A lower temperature in one or both feet. Your feet and legs may always feel cold.
  6. Poor nail growth and decreased hair growth on toes and legs.

However,most people with PAD do not experience symptoms! A simple 20 minute,non-invasive PADnet+test can provide early detection of PAD and allow treatment by a vascular specialist.  PADnet+ uses special blood pressure cuffs and computer software to record blood pressure,calculate the Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) and provide Pulse Volume Recording (PVR) waveforms. PAD can be easily diagnosed if the ABI and PVR waveforms are abnormal.

  • Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) affects nearly 40% of women and 20% of men over the age of 50. Varicose veins(and/or spider veins) develop due to weakness of the vein walls. In addition,the valves of the vein may no longer work properly. These conditions may result in leg heaviness,aching,cramping and tiredness. Foot and/or leg pain may occur during long periods of standing or sitting.  Ulcerations (particularly of the inside of the ankle) may occur and the foot,ankle or leg may present with swelling. In  addition,skin changes,especially tender,warm,reddish skin or blotchy dark red or purplish hued skin discoloration may occur. A simple 20 minute noninvasive PADnet+ test uses a special PPG probe and computer software to measure the venous functions of the feet and legs. CVI can be easily diagnosed if the waveforms are abnormal.
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