Biomechanical Assessment of Gait


The Metascan™ System

The High Technology Solution for Capturing Foot Function

The human eye observes at a frequency of 7 images per second; the Metascan pressure mat scans the stance phase of gait at 150 images per second.

The Metascan:

  • Assess new patients for foot function
  • Captures dynamic function
  • Great communication to patent

Footmaxx Metascan™

Captures Dynamic Function

Dynamic Scan

  • Compares walking and running scan data of the same patient
  • Proprietary diagnostic software analyzes digital pressure mat, patient data and translate it into a prescription for orthotics.


Static Scan

  • Bilateral pressure distribution assessment and report
  • Useful in detecting leg length discrepancies

Postural Scan

  • Postural analysis to determine deviations in alignment, movement pattern and body symmetry
  • Visually observe postural movement over time (replay for analysis and patient education)


5 Key Parameters

  • Left and Right Forefoot Contact
  • Left and Right Heel Lift
  • Left and Right Maximum Forefoot Pressure
  • Where does maximum pressure appear?
  • Is the center of pressure line straight or curved?
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