Which Bunion Treatment Is Right for Me?

A bunion is a foot deformity that changes the shape of the foot as well as the way your shoes fit. There is more than one way to fix a case of bunions. Solutions range from orthotics in minor cases to surgery in major cases. Find out which option is best for you by consulting Dr. Eric Peters, a podiatrist serving patients in White Plains, NY.

Bunion Treatment Options
Bunions develop gradually, which is why sometimes patients wait a long time before seeking treatment. The earlier you see your podiatrist for help, the easier and faster the treatment may be for your feet. Here are some of the most common bunion treatment options:

- Felt padding placed between the toes and on the outside of the toes to prevent pain while wearing shoes.
- Updates to footwear.
- Custom orthotics that train the feet into a better alignment.
- Corn and callus removal.
- Joint exercises.
- Splints worn while sleeping that give relief and structure to the toes and joints.
- A bunionectomy, which aims to remove bone or correct toe misalignment.

Which One Is Right for You?
Your White Plains podiatrist will most likely try non-invasive options before suggesting bunionectomy surgery. If your bunion is relatively new or the bunion has formed on a child’s developing foot, wearing an orthotic support, padding between the toes, or splinting the foot may help. Orthotics and joint exercises are a good idea in minor to moderate case. If it is more severe and is causing pain when you walk or wear shoes, a bunionectomy may be right for you.

Bunion Care and Prevention
Wearing the right shoes is an important part of bunion care. Many bunions happen in women because they wear very uncomfortable high heeled shoes for long periods of time. You can prevent bunions by making better footwear choices and having arthritic or joint conditions treated by your podiatrist. 

Allow Your Podiatrist to Help
It’s difficult to fix a bunion on your own—you’ll need help from a podiatrist. Call 914-285-4444 today to schedule a visit with Dr. Peters at his office in White Plains, NY.

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