What Should I do about My Toenail Fungus?

Are you dealing with a fungal infection that just won’t go away?

Have you noticed that your toenails have started to become thick and yellow? Have they become brittle or are they starting to break off? This can be a rather startling situation to deal with but our White Plains, NY, podiatrist, Dr. Eric Peters, is here to tell you that you could very well be dealing with a nail fungal infection, also known as an onychomycosis. Find out what to do if you experience a fungal infection.

While you could try over-the-counter fungal remedies to combat your infection, most topical creams and ointments aren’t very effective. Why? Because they aren’t able to penetrate through the hard enamel layers of the nail to kill the fungus underneath. If you have tried these OTC treatments and haven’t achieved the results you want then it’s time you talked to our White Plains foot doctor about our PinPointe Laser System.

How does the PinPointe laser work?

Unlike medications, which can’t reach under the nail, this light energy is able to go through the nail to heat up and kill the fungus without harming the nail or surrounding tissue.

Will this fungal laser treatment hurt?

What makes this treatment so ideal is that it isn’t painful. You may feel warmth in the region when the laser in directed at the toenail and sometimes you might experience something akin to a light pinprick, but the procedure isn’t invasive and shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

How long will laser treatment take?

Getting PinPointe laser treatment in White Plains usually takes only a half hour to complete.

How long is the recovery period after treatment?

Another benefit to choosing laser therapy to treat your toenail fungus is that there is absolutely no downtime. That’s right! You will walk into our office to get your procedure and then you are free to leave and go about the rest of your day. It’s that simple.

When will I see results?

This is an important question because so many people think that if their toenails don’t instantly turn clear that treatment didn’t work. Remember, it takes several months for a nail to grow out clear. So, laser treatment may just work for you but you will have to be patient to see results.

If you want to find out if laser treatment is the best way to tackle your toenail fungus then it’s time you called our White Plains, NY, podiatry office today to learn more.

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