What is the Footmaxx Metascan System?

Find out how this simple test could improve your foot health.

How we move is of particular importance to your White Plains podiatrist, Dr. Eric Peters. After all, being able to analyze a patient’s gait provides some valuable insight into the health of their feet and ankles and whether potential problems could be on the horizon. It can also help us create better orthotics to provide more effective support for your feet and to correct muscular or other structural imbalances. This is where the Footmaxx™ Metascan System comes in handy.

What is the Footmaxx™ Metascan System?

This revolutionary technology allows your White Plains podiatrist to analyze eight important areas of the plantar region of the foot. As the patient begins walking or running as they normally would, the Metascan System scans about 150 images per second to assess the patient’s foot function and to look for abnormalities. This system offers a variety of advantages for your White Plains podiatrist Dr. Eric Peters:

Even if you aren’t experiencing any pain or other foot or ankle problems you can still benefit from getting a scan. According to Footmaxx™, about 70 percent of the patients they tested showed signs of moderate to severe anomalies while walking. Examining a patient’s gait and pressure points can also help us prevent and even better treat issues such as foot ulcers for diabetic patients.

If you want to find out more about the Footmaxx™ Metascan System and how it better your foot health, then contact your White Plains podiatrist Dr. Peters today.

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