What Disorders Might Require Foot Surgery?

Find out whether or not foot surgery might be the best treatment option for your feet.

No one wants to deal with foot problems. Most of the time, we probably don’t even think about the health of our feet under an issue arises that keeps us from our daily activities. However, conservative treatments like icing, rest and taking anti-inflammatory medications may not be helping your condition. In these cases, your White Plains podiatrist might recommend surgery. Find out the most common foot conditions that require surgery and what these procedures entail:


This hard lump that develops on the joint at the base of the big toe can become so painful that it can be difficult to walk. While conservative treatments will never get rid of a bunion, they can help alleviate symptoms. The most common treatments include wearing orthotics, icing the bunion, taking pain medications and even wearing bunion pads to protect the foot from friction while in shoes.

However, for those who still experience pain and those who actually want to get rid of their bunion for good, surgery is recommended. There are a variety of different bunion surgeries; however, the main goal of the procedure is to remove the inflamed tissue and the bony protrusion.

Hammer or claw toes

A deformity often caused by a joint or tendon imbalance that causes toes to curl under in a claw-like manner. This condition is often mild at first but can progressively get worse over time. If splinting to realign the toe, wearing orthotics, trying corticosteroid injections for pain and inflammation and even changing shoes doesn’t help the condition, then surgery to reduce pain and improve the toe’s alignment will be performed. The procedure is usually performed outpatient and takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.


A neuroma is sometimes referred to as a pinched nerve, but it’s actually a benign growth that forms on nerve tissue between the third and fourth toes. This condition can be extremely painful and also cause numbness or burning between the toes. Your White Plains podiatrist can easily remove a neuroma under local anesthesia and usually issues concerning this condition are completely resolved with surgery.

Plantar Fasciitis

This common cause of heel pain, plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the band of tissue known as the plantar fascia that run from the toes to the heel of the foot. While this condition can easily be resolved with rest, pain medications, splinting or orthotics, and even shockwave therapy, some patients experience such severe and chronic pain that no treatment works. That’s when we recommend surgery where the ligament can be partially cut to help alleviate any tension in the foot.

These are only a few of the countless foot conditions that warrant surgery. If you are suffering from any of these foot problems and need to find relief from your symptoms, then schedule an appointment with your White Plains podiatrist, Dr. Eric Peters to discuss your surgical options.

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