Treatment Options for Bunions

Foot surgery isn’t always the answer. Find out how to get your bunion problems under control.

Is there anything worse than bunion pain? If you have a long-standing struggle with bunions, then you know all too well the aching, throbbing, and sometimes mind-numbing pain that comes from even just the simple act of walking. Fortunately, here at the White Plains, NY, office of podiatrist Dr. Eric Peters, we have helped countless patients with nonsurgical and surgical care that is fully focused on nixing bunion pain and helping everyone lead a happier, pain-free life.

Here are some ways to reduce bunion pain and to prevent the bunion from getting worse:

Lifestyle Changes and Home Care

There are simple steps you can take each and every day to ensure that your bunion pain doesn’t rear its nasty head. Some of these lifestyle changes include:

Podiatrist-Approved Treatments

While you may be handling your bunion on your own it’s also important to recognize when your podiatrist may need to step in. If at-home care isn’t giving you the relief you need, then Dr. Peters can help. Here are some of the treatment options that are offered at our White Plains office:

Foot Surgery

Needing surgery for a bunion is rare but it can happen. Since this procedure comes with weeks of recovery, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of bunion surgery with our podiatric surgeon to see if it’s truly the right choice for you. If you can manage your bunion symptoms with lifestyle changes and other nonsurgical options, then foot surgery probably won’t be necessary.

However, if you are dealing with around-the-clock bunion pain that is severe, doesn’t seem to be relieved by any other treatment or care, and is affecting your quality of life then it’s time to consider surgery.

Need relief? Give us a call

If you are suddenly noticing foot pain around the base of your big toe then you could be dealing with the beginnings of a bunion. Nip the problem in the bud by visiting our White Plains, NY, podiatry practice for diagnosis and a comprehensive treatment plan. Call our office today at (914) 285-4444.

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