Preventing Bunion Formation

Would you like to reduce your risk of developing bunions? Wearing orthotics designed by your White Plains, NY, podiatrist, Dr. Eric Peters, and following a few of these recommendations may help.

Stay away from tight shoes and high heels

Both styles of shoes increase pressure on the front of your foot and may eventually alter the alignment of your big toe joint. Avoiding these shoes, or only wearing them for short periods of time, can decrease your risk. If you do wear high heels or tight shoes, kick them off a few times during the day to give your feet a little break.

Buy comfortable, roomy shoes

If you can't wiggle your toes a little, your shoes are probably too tight. Look for shoes that offer plenty of room in the toe area, provide adequate cushioning for your entire foot, and offer arch support.

Consider your family history

If other people in your family have had bunions, you're more likely to develop the condition. The family pattern could be related to an inherited foot imbalance. If your foot isn't properly balanced, pressure and stress on your big toe joint could spur the formation of bunions. Unfortunately, wearing high heels or tight shoes only increases your risk if you have a foot imbalance.

Try orthotics

Luckily, orthotics may help you avoid painful bunions. The custom shoe inserts provided by your White Plains foot doctor keep your feet properly aligned when you wear shoes, absorb shock, improve arch support, and prevent your feet from slipping and sliding in your shoes.

Orthotics can help you avoid overuse injuries when you run or play sports and are also helpful if you turn your feet inward when you walk. They're often recommended for people who have plantar fasciitis, flat feet, back pain, balance or gait issues, tarsal tunnel syndrome, hammertoes, diabetes, arthritis, bursitis, or tendonitis.

Keep your weight under control

Even a few extra pounds can increase pressure on your feet, stressing your joints. Watching your weight offers a simple way to manage your bunion risk.

Has bunion pain made your life more challenging? Your podiatrist in White Plains, Dr. Peters offers treatment methods that can relieve your pain. Call him at (914) 285-4444 to schedule an appointment to discuss the options.

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