Preparing for Foot Surgery

Follow these helpful guidelines before getting foot surgery in White Plains.

It’s normal to be a little nervous before any procedure; however, if you are having foot surgery you want to be as prepared as possible so that you have an easy procedure and a fast recovery. While you’ve probably talked to your White Plains podiatrist several times before your surgery, in all the nervousness you may have forgot some of your before-surgery instructions. Here are some things you should and shouldn’t do before your foot surgery.

Be prepared to take weeks or even months off of work depending on the type of surgery you are having and how much physical movement you have to do at your job. Talk to your podiatrist in White Plains about an anticipated time frame so you don’t underestimate how much time you may need after your foot surgery. If possible, schedule some work-from-home days with your company, as this would be best for your recovery.

Also be sure to stock up on food and other supplies you will need to have around the house so you won’t have to go out often. This includes purchasing movies or books to keep you entertained and occupied during your recovery.

The next step is to prepare your home for your recovery period. This means putting the most useful and necessary items as close to you as possible so you don’t have to move around too often. If necessary, prep your bathroom ahead of time by placing a stool or support bar in the shower or bathtub to make getting in and out of the tub easier.

Designate the nightstand as your go-to place for all your essentials. This includes everything from extra pillows to elevate your foot to your computer, water, snacks or hobbies that might help you pass the time.

While these are certainly handy ways to prepare yourself for your upcoming surgery, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your White Plains podiatrist. There are no stupid questions, and we want you to feel confident about your upcoming procedure so the process is a breeze.

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