When Is Foot Surgery Needed?

By Dr. Eric Peters, D.P.M.
November 20, 2019
Category: Foot Condition
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You want to move, to have an active lifestyle. But, pain in your foot persists, despite the many treatments you've tried. Podiatrist and foot foot-surgerysurgeon, Dr. Eric Peters in White Plains, wants to relieve that pain and help your mobility. He performs foot surgeries designed to do just that.


When conservative measures don't work...

That's when foot surgery may be the best option. A complete examination with your White Plains foot doctor, along with digital X-rays and other kinds of imaging, will tell what foot surgery you may need.

Whatever your medical issue, expect the finest care from Dr. Peters and his team. Typically, surgeries are performed in the office and may take anywhere from an hour to several hours. Your post-operative care plan may include a period of immobility, antibiotic medications, specialized foot wear, such as a walking cast, bandaging and more. Dr. Peters does all follow-up himself to ensure the best possible outcomes.


Problems which may need surgery

The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons states that most American adults require the help of a podiatrist or orthopedic physician for a problem with a foot or ankle at some point in their lives. Conditions which may need treatment with surgery include:

  • Complex fractures
  • Joint deterioration due to arthritis
  • Repeated ankle sprains
  • Acquired deformities such as bunions, heel spurs, torn or ruptured tendons, hammertoes, Haglund's deformity, diabetic wounds, ingrown toenails, and neuromas (cysts)
  • Impaired circulation
  • Poor strength
  • Limited mobility


Seeing your podiatrist

It's best to see Dr. Peters right away if:

  • You sprain an ankle
  • Feel pain in your heels, arches or legs in the morning
  • Perceive changes in the color, temperature and sensation of your feet and ankles
  • Standing is very painful or extremely fatiguing
  • You notice a bump, growth, persistent rash or other skin condition


We will work with you

At Dr. Peters' podiatric practice, expect excellent, state of the art care, using the least invasive interventions possible. When surgery is needed, Dr. Peters's kind manner and wide ranging qualifications will render the best possible results. Contact us at (914) 285-4444 for a consultation.