What You Can Do About Your Calluses

By Dr. Eric Peters, D.P.M.
October 04, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Calluses  

We've probably all developed a callus at one time or another, especially on our feet from constant use. Calluses are a very common foot callusescondition treated by your podiatrist in White Plains, NY, Dr. Eric Peters. Below are answers to some questions about calluses, including why they form and how they're treated in Dr. Peters' podiatry practice.

What are calluses?

A rough, dry callus is the result of the body's immune system responding to repeated friction or pressure. The affected skin thickens itself in an effort to prevent a wound from forming in the area. On the feet, calluses often form on the outsides of the first and fifth toes due to the constant friction that comes from wearing shoes. They can also form on the bottom of the feet; these are known as plantar calluses.

Can calluses cause problems for me?

Most people who have calluses aren't bothered by them, although they might not like the way they look. However, large calluses can become overly dry and develop cracks on their surface, which can be painful. These openings may also cause infection. Diabetic patients are at risk for serious complications from any foot ailment due to reduced blood circulation. If you are diabetic and develop a callus on your feet, see your White Plains podiatrist as soon as possible for evaluation.

How are calluses treated?

Calluses will eventually disappear once the source of friction is eliminated. For this reason, you may need to change the type of shoes you're wearing regularly. Your White Plains podiatrist can make suggestions about brands to try and places to go for professional shoe fittings. Dr. Peters can also remove part of a callus to help reduce its thickness or apply chemicals to remove it. If you have an abnormal gait or foot structure that is leading to calluses, you may need further evaluation to determine how these problems can be corrected.

If you have an uncomfortable callus, or any other issue with your feet and ankles, Dr. Peters in White Plains, NY can help you. Contact our podiatry office today to make an appointment!