Are You Dealing With Heel Pain?

By Dr. Eric Peters, D.P.M.
January 24, 2020
Category: Podiatry
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If you’re having trouble getting your heel pain under control we are here to help.

Heel pain is one of the most common foot problems that people face today. In fact, 2 million Americans end up annually seeking treatment for heel pain, according to an article in the Washington Post. So, what’s causing your heel pain and keeping you from enjoying your morning run? Read on to find out, and contact the White Plains, NY, office of podiatrist Dr. Eric Peters to find definitive answers.

It could be plantar fasciitis….

In many cases, heel pain is the result of an overuse condition known as plantar fasciitis. This occurs when microtears and inflammation develop within the plantar fascia, a band of tissue that runs from the toes under the soles of the feet to the heel bone.

Plantar fasciitis is characterized as:

  • A stabbing, shocking pain under the heel
  • Heel pain that is worse in the morning or after periods of rest
  • Heel stiffness
  • Pain that radiates to the arches
  • Pain that may ease up with exercise, but becomes worse afterward

But it could also be something else…

While plantar fasciitis usually causes heel pain it isn’t the only cause. So if you’ve never been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis before, or if this is your first time dealing with heel pain, it’s a good idea to schedule an evaluation with our White Plains, NY, foot doctor. Other causes of heel pain include:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Fractures
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Certain types of arthritis

How is heel pain treated?

If symptoms are minor, you may choose to give your feet the ample rest they need, along with icing the heel, and taking over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen, which can reduce pain and swelling. However, you shouldn’t hesitate to call your podiatrist if:

  • You are dealing with severe heel pain
  • You can’t put weight on the foot or you have trouble walking
  • There is severe swelling in the heel
  • The heel pain is sudden or occurs after an injury

For those dealing with severe or recurring heel pain, our podiatrist and his expert team can provide you with corticosteroid injections, extracorporeal shockwave therapy, orthotics, and surgery to help you get your stubborn heel pain under control.

Need relief? Give us a call

If you are dealing with heel pain, then it’s time you found relief. Call the White Plains, NY, podiatry office of Dr. Eric Peters today at (914) 285-4444.