Fitness and Your Feet – Are You Ready for Your New Year Resolution?

As 2014 begins, and snow is on the ground, you might grow discouraged to begin your New Year resolution. Each New Year, many of us determine that we are going to get active and in shape.  So, forget the elevator and take charge of your health by taking the stairs to help remain active and shed a few pounds.

In the New Year when you begin to put together a fitness routine, don’t forget your feet!  Your feet are often one of the most overlooked body parts when it comes to exercise.  So when you exercise, pay close attention to what your feet might be telling you.  Improper foot care during exercise is a contributing factor to some of the more than 300 foot ailments, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

Dr. Eric Peters Urges Patients to Dress Properly

For your fitness success, it is important to wear the right clothes and the proper shoes for your fitness routine.  Wear loose-fitting, light-colored and loosely woven clothing in hot weather and several layers of warm clothing in cold weather.  As a White Plains, NY foot doctor, Dr. Eric Peters recommends sturdy, properly fitted athletic shoes of proper width, with leather or canvas uppers, soles that are flexible, cushioning, arch supports, and room for your toes.  It is also important to wear a well-cushioned sock for reinforcement, preferably one with acrylic fiber content so that some perspiration moisture is “wicked” away.

If you are having foot pain during or after your workout, your shoes might he the culprit.  Wearing shoes that don’t have enough arch support could lead to the over-stretching of the plantar fascia and cause significant heel pain in White Plains.  Along with plantar fasciitis, improper shoe selection or wearing older, worn-out shoes can lead to a variety of pains in the feet, including heel spurs and Sesamoiditis.  Runners should visit a White Plains podiatrist regularly to check for any potential stress on the lower extremities.

Common Conditions of the Foot due to Fitness

To keep your feet healthy for daily fitness activities, you should be familiar with the most common conditions that affect them.  Many of these common conditions may occur because of the impact of exercise on your feet.  Athlete’s foot frequently starts between the toes, and can spread to other parts of the foot and body.  It is caused by a fungus that commonly attacks the feet because the warm, dark climate of shoes.  You may also develop athlete’s foot from public locker rooms as they foster fungus growth. 

Blisters are also another common ailment that accompanies many while participating in a fitness regimen.  Blisters are caused by skin friction and moisture, often from active exercise and poorly fitting shoes.  If the blister isn’t large, apply an antiseptic and cover with a bandage, and leave it on until it falls off natural in the bath or shower.

Additionally, patients in White Plains can experience heel pain, which also accompanies your fitness routine.  Generally traced to faulty biomechanics, which place too much stress on the heel bone.  Stress can also result from a bruise that was created while walking or jumping on hard surfaces.  Inserts designed to take the pressure off the heel are generally successful in the treatment of heel pain.

Talk to your podiatrist in White Plains, Dr. Eric Peters, for more information on how to protect your feet while participating in fitness programs.  If you are experiencing pain during or after your fitness routine, contact Dr. Peters immediately for further diagnosis and treatment.

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