Do I Need Foot Surgery?

A study by the American Podiatric Medical Association found that foot problems, namely pain, affect the majority of Americans to the tune of 77 percent of the population. In some cases, the only solution is foot surgery. Learn the reasons why you might need foot surgery, and the steps that you and your White Plains foot doctor Dr. Eric Peters will take to make this important decision.

Common Foot Issues
Podiatrists treat millions of Americans every year for foot-related problems. It’s not very surprising considering the fact that the average adult takes over 5,000 steps per day in uncomfortable shoes. Foot problems are also very common in women because they wear high heels that are usually designed for fashion; not comfort. The most common foot issues include:

Most of these problems can be addressed without surgery in their early stages, but if they are in the later stages, foot surgery by your White Plains podiatrist Dr. Peters may be required for relief.

Reasons for Foot Surgery
Foot doctors perform a number of different types of surgical procedures, including a simple bunionectomy, metatarsal surgery and tendon surgery. Common purposes of foot surgery include:
Removing something that’s putting pressure on the foot.

In some major cases, reconstructive surgery is needed to “rebuild” the foot or ankle using screws, pins, bone grafting and implantation. 

Is Foot Surgery Right for You
Each case is different, which is why it’s important to consult with your foot doctor as soon as possible when you’re experiencing foot pain or have a foot deformity. Tests and X-rays must be taken to evaluate your case, as well as a full medical history. In some cases, you may need a blood flow study to analyze the circulation in your feet before you’re approved for foot surgery. You and your podiatrist will also explore non-invasive solutions that may be an alternative to surgery.

Call Dr. Eric Peters for a Consultation
You and your White Plains podiatrist Dr. Peters will jointly decide whether foot surgery is right for you. Call the office our office at 914-285-4444 today to schedule an exam and consultation.

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