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By Dr. Eric Peters, D.P.M.
August 01, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Bunion  

A bunion is an abnormal growth pattern of the joint below the big toe; it causes the inside of the foot to become misshapen. Not all bunions bunionare painful, but if you're experiencing discomfort in this area, it's time to visit Dr. Eric Peters, your foot doctor in White Plains, NY. Here, you'll get a better idea of how bunions are typically treated.

Footwear changes

Shoes that are too narrow or constricting will put pressure on the bunion and can lead to pain and swelling. Your White Plains foot doctor is an excellent resource for learning about the best shoes for accommodating bunions. A professional shoe fitting can also determine if you're wearing the correct size and width for your feet.

Shoe inserts

For many people with bunions, a bit of cushioning can make a big difference in the way their bunions feel. Specially-designed pads to provide a barrier between the foot and the inside of shoes are available at many drugstore chains; your White Plains foot doctor will make suggestions about the brands and styles that will work best for you. For severe bunions, over-the-counter pads may not be sufficient. In these cases, Dr. Peters will take measurements of your foot that will be used to create a custom-fitted orthotic that balances out your foot's pressure points.


Bunion surgery, also called bunionectomy, removes the deformed bone and reshapes the foot. Your White Plains foot doctor usually waits to see if more conservative treatment methods, like those listed above, are effective first.

If you have a problem with your feet, contact your White Plains, NY, foot doctor, Dr. Peters, for a thorough evaluation. We'd be happy to set you up with an appointment, so call us today!