Bunions Causes And Treatment Options

What issues could cause a bunion to form and what can you do once you have one?

If our White Plains, NY podiatrist, Dr. Eric Peters, has just recently diagnosed you with a bunion then you may have a lot of questions. How did this bunion form? How do you manage your bunion symptoms so it doesn’t get worse? We have all these answers (and more!).

What causes bunions?

While a lot is still unknown about bunions and what causes them, it’s believed that genetics has a role to play. Certain inherited factors like overpronation can increase your chances of developing a bunion. If you have biomechanical imbalances in your feet, this can affect how your joints and muscles work, resulting in a bunion.

Some people wonder if high heels or tight shoes can cause bunions. While there is some controversy over whether this is true or not, one thing is for certain—wearing poorly fitted shoes or shoes with high heels can certainly exacerbate your condition.

How do you treat bunion symptoms?

Most of the time your symptoms can be managed through conservative at-home care. Of course, our White Plains foot doctor should always examine your foot problems to make sure that the issue you are having is actually a bunion. Common treatment options include"

Have questions about how you can care for your bunion properly? Need to find relief now? Then talk to Dr. Peters, our White Plains, NY bunion specialist, to get the care you need.

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